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Strategic Analysis and Business Opportunity Development

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Marketing Strategies and Programs

Channel Analysis and Development


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Strategic analysis and Business Opportunity Development

Stagnant sales and profits can hurt a company’s bottom-line. So does ignoring growth opportunities when the going is good. At Unicorn we help our clients to aggressively identify and pursue new business opportunities. We evaluate existing Business and assist in the development of new revenue generating opportunities.



Strategic Planning facilitation

Knowing internal strengths and weaknesses is the best way to move forward. We help our client companies to strengthen their core competencies by identifying and analyzing our client’s competitive advantage. Once this is achieved, we help define a strategy that provides guided direction to reach set benchmarks.



Marketing Strategies and Programmes

Marketing strategies can make or break promising services or product. At Unicorn, we carryout in-depth analysis of existing programmes, the identification of new marketing initiatives to expand sales reach and the most effective delivery of marketing programmes.



Channel Analysis and Development

It takes more than just public information to succeed in the market place. At Unicorn, we provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date company information from our carefully nurtured network of relationships. Best of all, the research can be done on an exclusive basis to give our clients the upper hand in the marketplace. In addition, we also offer accurate market analyses and industry insights that enable our clients to effectively allocate limited resources towards multiple opportunities to ultimately achieve outstanding results.

  • Analyzing in-depth company competitive information

  • Tracking products and services across an industry

  • Market analysis and segmentation by player, product, geography, distribution channels and customers.

  • Size, growth rate and profitability of each market segment.

  • Identification of product/service distribution channels, barriers and opportunities for a new entrant seeking distribution

  • Critical success factors from the perspective of current players, distribution/sales channel members, customer and industry observers

  • Identification of the leaders or emerging leaders in the market and how marketing leadership is likely to change in the future

  • Drivers of future market change- in, potential success, profitability, market share and distribution




At the negotiating stage it pays to have right strategic insights and able counsel to arrive at a mutually satisfactory deal. Unicorn’s local experience and insights give us a unique advantage when helping to secure or finalise on contract and pricing. A balance of language and exceptional market awareness offers the appropriate bridge between our clients and the other party at he negotiating table.



Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling is more of a philosophy than a business technique. It’s about building and nurturing long-term relationships built on friendship, trust and transparency. At Unicorn, we have elevated Relationship Selling to an art form to make it mutually beneficial leading to long term profitability and success. Using our extensive portfolio of regional contracts we can expedite our client’s business development process by ensuring that they are introduced to the decision makers that matter.