Long before Dubai and the region became an attractive business centre, Unicorn was an established commercial powerhouse. Our extensive regional and international network enabled us to provide top corporations and growth-oriented private sector companies a foothold in challenging, but a lucrative, markets and fast growing sectors like constructions, infrastructure and services and licensing.


Based in Dubai, Unicorn operates across the Middle East. Arabian Gulf, Asia and Turkey. Since the company’s inceptions in 1993, we have helped our valued clients to achieve greater success through effective business development strategies. Today we provide our clients with comprehensive range of services from strategic planning in business development to providing conglomerative start up services. We excel in our ability to identify opportunities for growth, and to seek out or create partnerships and strategic alliances necessity to take full advantage of these opportunities.


The success of our clients is directly linked to our own. At Unicorn, we are committed to providing them with innovative and creative business development solutions that lead to superior results. Rest assured, our consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendation. With meticulous understanding of their business and objectives, we work towards delivering and unmatched competitive edge that maximizes their success and revenue opportunities.


We help our clients capitalize on emerging business opportunities in every type of industry.


In the real business world, relationships are a key differentiator when the stakes are high. Our greatest strength is our extensive network of valuable contacts and affiliations that we have forged regionally and globally.


At Unicorn, we provide our clients with reliable business development consulting support based on practical experience, hands-on marketing knowledge and intelligence, business development know-how and diverse industry knowledge.